About Me

After so many years and jobs, that I loved, I finally turned back to what I like to do best…painting.

Although years ago I mainly painted in an impressionist style, I now like to express myself in een abstract or expressionist way which gives me the chance to reveal my creativity.

I search for the unknown and like to find out what happens when I don’t follow the rules. Some paintings may relate to an event or to personal emotions. Sometimes I like to insert textual elements.

Lately I like to experiment and try to work with natural pigments and binders.


Magda Knop


Call: 1-281 792 0135

The journey of a Painter

When I pick up my brushes
I'm ready for the expedition
I wander into unknown fields
Ideas are coming and going
Colors are flashing by
The path may be bumpy
I may get lost
But my canvas is patient
I can start my journey all over
Until I finally see the hidden light
Brushes are dancing over the linen
Paint is everywhere
My soul is chanting


Award of Merit LSC 2022

Uproar LSC Art Magazine 2022

Abstract Visions at Jomar Visions Gallery June 2019

Dept Chair Choice LSC 2019

Conroe City Hall May-June 2019: painting on display

Uproar LSC art magazine 2019: Cover

Texas City Juried Art Show 2018: Honorable mention

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